Diana Mcneill

Diana McNeill is a Bone-Health Exercise Coach whose personal mission is to help people living with Osteoporosis move well and live full and confident lives. Inspired by her students across Canada and their specific health concerns, her individualized approach has helped people to move within their own capacities and have fun while doing it. Regardless of age, ability or fitness level, she believes that everyone has an opportunity to discover their amazing potential to move better. She has shared her unique approach to movement and wellness in thousands of Yoga, Pilates, Barre, and Strength-Focused classes for well over 15 years.

Diana’s thirst for knowledge is driven by her desire to serve the diverse needs of her students. She has developed deep knowledge and expertise, having taken countless teacher training and continuing education courses in biomechanics, foot health, anatomy, cancer care, bone health, strength training, breathing techniques, meditation, and so much more. Diana has also cultivated expertise in movement to maintain strong bones. She has helped students with bone density-related issues using her BoneFit™ Level 2, Melio Guide™, MMOA (Modern Management of Older Adults) L1, SFIC training and more.

Drawing upon her extensive experience in physiotherapy clinics, wellness centres, private clubs, corporate locations, and online platforms, Diana takes great pride in making a difference in the lives of her students. She has developed a strong national community that helps people move better, feel better, and have fun! Along with her passion for teaching, Diana is a proud volunteer educator with Osteoporosis Canada and presents webinars to community groups across Ontario.

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Joanne G.

Zoom Client

“Diana is a wealth of knowledge and an extremely good coach and teacher. She makes every workout fun and beneficial. I highly recommend Diana if you are looking for a coach to help you live a better life through fitness.”

Deb S.

Zoom Client

“I appreciate the amount of time that you put into class prep always keeping in mind the needs and abilities of your students. I don't know of anything in my community that would meet my needs like your on-line classes do.  By the way, I work much harder in the live classes when I know you are watching!"


Student, Ontario

"Diana is an excellent movement specialist! Since I’ve been exercising with Diana, my flexibility, energy level and ability to move with ease, has increased significantly. Chronic back pain is a thing of the past."


Student, Toronto

"Diana is highly motivational and uses her years of expertise to guide you safely to be stronger, fit and have way more energy. Started at ground zero and she has helped me dramatically improve my results without injury. Awesome private sessions and classes. Heartily recommend Diana as a movement coach and fitness leader! "